WhatsApp Channels Set to Introduce Polls and Revive Muted Updates

UNITED STATES: WhatsApp Channels, the platform’s latest addition, is gearing up for some exciting updates that are poised to elevate user experience and engagement. Since its recent introduction, WhatsApp Channels has piqued the interest of users worldwide, and it appears that WhatsApp is committed to enhancing its capabilities further.

WhatsApp Channels is testing new features which may soon be rolled out to users. Among the anticipated updates are the reintroduction of the muted updates section and the introduction of the much-anticipated polls feature.

Revival of muted updates section

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WhatsApp owned by Meta, is set to bring back the muted updates section within the Updates tab. This particular section is designed to cater to users who aren’t following any channels. The primary goal behind this feature is to streamline the Updates tab, making it more user-friendly and less cluttered.

Currently in the beta testing phase, the reintroduced muted updates section is expected to simplify the process of accessing muted status updates. Users will soon find this section seamlessly integrated into the main Updates tab, eliminating the need for navigating through lengthy menus.

Poll sharing feature on WhatsApp Channels

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One of the most exciting updates in the pipeline is the introduction of poll sharing on WhatsApp Channels. This new feature will enable users to create and share polls within their channels, fostering more interactive and engaging discussions with their followers. What sets this feature apart is its commitment to user privacy; it will not disclose users’ phone numbers to the channel admin or fellow followers.

The poll sharing feature is currently under development, but it promises to offer channel owners a powerful tool for gathering feedback and engaging with their audience on a deeper level. This innovation underscores WhatsApp’s determination to enhance the functionality of Channels and create a more interactive and user-friendly experience for all.

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As these new features are still in development, WhatsApp Channels users will have to wait for the official rollout to experience them firsthand. However, the prospect of poll sharing and the revival of the muted updates section is generating anticipation and excitement among the platform’s users.

In addition to these major updates, WhatsApp Channels may also introduce stickers to add an element of fun and engagement to the platform. These stickers are likely to further enrich the user experience and create new ways for users to express themselves within their channels.

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Originally posted 2023-11-07 13:32:54.