WhatsApp Bans over 71 Lakh Accounts in India in September as per IT Rules 2021 Compliance

INDIA: Meta-owned messaging giant WhatsApp made headlines in September by taking strict action against over 71 lakh problematic accounts in India, all in compliance with the new IT Rules 2021. The move came as part of WhatsApp’s commitment to maintaining user safety and ensuring that its platform remains free from abuse and misuse.

Between September 1 and September 30, WhatsApp, with over 500 million users in India, took decisive measures to address the issue of problematic accounts. Out of the 71,11,000 accounts banned, an impressive 25,71,000 were proactively banned by WhatsApp even before receiving any reports from users. This proactive approach underlines WhatsApp’s commitment to staying ahead of potential issues and maintaining a safe user environment.

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Throughout the month of September, WhatsApp also received a record-breaking 10,442 complaint reports from users in India. These reports led to 85 accounts being “actioned,” which means that WhatsApp either banned an account or restored a previously banned one based on the reports.

“This user-safety report includes information on user complaints received and WhatsApp’s response, along with WhatsApp’s own preventative measures to stop abuse on the network”, the company said in a statement. To monitor these efforts and guarantee the security of the platform, the firm has been aggressively investing in teams of engineers, data scientists, analysts, researchers, and specialists in online safety, law enforcement, and technology.

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Additionally, WhatsApp shared that it received six orders from the Grievance Appellate Committee in India during September and duly complied with them. The Grievance Appellate Committee (GAC) was established by the Indian government to address concerns raised by social media users regarding content and other issues as part of efforts to strengthen the country’s digital laws.

WhatsApp has reaffirmed its commitment to user safety and compliance with Indian regulations, emphasizing its role as an industry leader among end-to-end encrypted messaging services in preventing and combating abuse. With its ongoing efforts, WhatsApp aims to provide a secure and trustworthy platform for millions of Indian social media users.

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The action taken by WhatsApp in September underscores the company’s dedication to fostering a responsible digital environment and aligning with India’s evolving regulatory landscape.

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Originally posted 2023-11-03 07:44:43.