‘Werewolf by Night’ Arrives in Color, Michael Giacchino Shares Update on Potential Sequel

UNITED STATES: Werewolf by Night 2 in development? The current wave of Disney Marvel suffers through rough patches, with Loki Season 2 reviving the fandom. In the midst of MCU Trickster’s return to his Disney+ journey, Marvel has re-released its first Television Special Werewolf by Night, in color, marking its one-year anniversary.

Besides the Special Presentation’s re-release, director Michael Giacchino shared an update on the possibility of its sequel.

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On its release in 2022, marking Halloween month, Werewolf by Night became an instant favorite among Marvel fans, thanks to its vintage monster setting in MCU. The best aspect of the TV Special was that it was a standalone feature that any non-Marvel viewer could easily stream.

Plus, the makers achieved a plethora of creative liberty under the black-and-white banner, which led to Werewolf going on a killing spree that somehow pushed the boundary of PG-13, and the one-hour-long runtime proved to be another beneficial element for it.

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The popularity of Werewolf by Night bagged a decent fanbase, with viewers demanding a next chapter in the Marvel TV Special. It appears that show creator Michael Giacchino has responded to the demand.

Giacchino participated in a special screening of Werewolf by Night with Collider to celebrate the Marvel TV Special’s color debut.

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“There’s always talk. But, you know, until somebody decides to spend a penny, nothing happens yet. So, hopefully. My wish is that, yes, there will be more with these characters. I would love to, and I have ideas of what I would love to do with them, and it’s all crazy and nuts, but I think that’s the only way to go about it. So, hopefully, one day. Hopefully, one day,” he added.

Though it is clear from Giacchino’s response that the studio may not have announced the sequel, it seems like conversations have happened in some way.

If the sequel happens, it has a lot of source material to explore. When Werewolf by Night concludes, we see Jack Russell successfully rescuing his friend Ted, aka The Man-Thing, with Elsa Bloodstone gaining the control of her manor and the magical Bloodstone.

The potential sequel could explore more of Jack Russell and The Man-Thing and how they fit in the MCU with other heroes. The makers could also take inspiration from the animated series Ultimate Spider-Man, where in a Halloween special episode, we get to see Spidey team up with Blade and Werewolf, who lead a team known as the Howling Commandos, which includes The Man-Thing, Frankenstein, and Mummy. The episode showcased the Marvel heroes’ faceoff with Dracula.

As of now, no official update on Werewolf by Night 2 has been shared by Marvel, so fans have to wait for the announcement.

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Originally posted 2023-10-20 18:30:12.