Trouble in Paradise: Christian Horner Dismisses Rivalry Notions between Verstappen and Perez

MEXICO: Ahead of the Mexican Grand Prix, Red Bull Team Principal Christian Horner has emphatically stated that there is no rivalry between Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez.

The declaration comes in the wake of Verstappen facing boos from a faction of Perez supporters during the podium ceremony in Austin. Verstappen, however, remained unfazed, attributing the chants to Texas Governor Greg Abbott, who shared the podium for the trophy presentation.

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Despite Verstappen’s admission of being provided with bodyguards against his preference, he expressed gratitude for the warm welcome he received in Mexico City. Concerns have been raised about the fervent support for Perez potentially creating an adverse atmosphere for Verstappen.

Both Verstappen and Perez voiced support for the ‘Racepect’ campaign, advocating for respect towards all 20 drivers on the grid, irrespective of individual fan fervour. Perez, too, has dismissed any talk of a rivalry between the two Red Bull drivers. 

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Horner endorsed Perez’s assertion, emphasizing that Verstappen and Perez have a strong working relationship both on and off the track, contrary to the media’s desire for inter-team conflict.

He also expressed his support for the ‘Racepect’ initiative, emphasizing the importance of respect in both sports and life in general.

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Horner echoed this sentiment, quashing any speculation of discord within the team.

He further commended the ‘Racepect’ initiative, emphasizing its applicability beyond sports. 

As the Mexican Grand Prix gets underway, it remains to be seen how the passionate support for Perez and the mutual respect between the Red Bull drivers will impact the race.

Regardless of the outcome, Horner’s words aim to quell any speculation of rivalry, promoting a message of unity and respect among fans and drivers alike.

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