Red Bull Racing Shifts Gears with Ambitious Move to Develop In-House Power Unit

UNITED KINGDOM: In a bold move that marks a departure from its recent dominance, Red Bull Racing is gearing up for a groundbreaking shift in the 2026 Formula 1 season.

The Milton Keynes-based team, which has clinched consecutive drivers’ and constructors’ championships in 2022 and 2023, is taking on the challenge of designing and manufacturing its power unit.

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The decision comes on the heels of Honda’s initial intention to exit F1, a move the Japanese manufacturer has since retracted. Despite their current unprecedented success with Honda, Red Bull is venturing into uncharted territory with the establishment of its Red Bull Powertrains division. Heavy investments and an extensive recruitment drive underscore the team’s commitment to this monumental undertaking.

Acknowledging the magnitude of the challenge, Red Bull’s Team Principal, Christian Horner, stated, “Nothing lasts forever. You just got to keep evolving.” While admitting a degree of trepidation about the unknown, especially with their current success, Horner emphasized the inevitability of change.

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The desire for performance autonomy is what drives the decision to produce the engine. Horner highlighted the attraction of not being reliant on external entities for success, stating, “2026 is the next chapter for us, and it’s taking control of the one bit of variable that we’ve had.”

The team’s proactive approach to the challenge reflects their successful mindset, mirroring their strategy with the chassis. Despite the uncertainty, Red Bull Racing seems confident in the trajectory they’ve set.

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As the clock ticks towards the 2026 season, Red Bull Racing remains undeterred. With a strong team culture and a robust trajectory, the squad aims to hit the track with a Red Bull-designed and manufactured engine, showcasing a unique blend of nerve-wracking excitement and anticipation for the challenges that lie ahead.

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