New York Business Fraud Case: Donald Trump and His Children Summoned to Testify

UNITED STATES: Donald Trump, along with three of his children, is scheduled to testify in a New York case involving allegations of business fraud.

On Friday, a court decided that Ivanka Trump, the daughter of Trump, had to testify in the lawsuit against her father and brothers. Earlier this year, she was dropped from the case, but her brothers, Eric and Donald Jr., were not.

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The New York Attorney General’s Office has stated that former president Donald Trump is scheduled to testify on November 6, and his three children will testify before him. Their testimonies are anticipated to span three days, commencing next Wednesday, with Donald Trump Jr. as the first to testify.

Judge Arthur Engoron has previously determined that Donald Trump overstated the value of his properties to obtain advantageous loans. The trial is centred on six additional allegations outlined in the lawsuit, which encompass charges of tampering with business records, insurance fraud, and conspiracy.

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Trump has previously stated that he would testify as soon as possible. He and the other defendants have refuted the accusations.

Ivanka Trump had initially attempted to avoid testifying, asserting that she had relocated to Florida and distanced herself from the Trump Organization in 2017.

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However, Judge Engoron said that she still maintains connections to Trump-related businesses and real estate in New York. Prosecutors have contended that Trump possesses crucial information regarding the matters under scrutiny in the case.

In his Friday’s ruling regarding Ivanka’s testimony, Judge Engoron supported the prosecutors, stating, “Ms Trump has clearly availed herself of the privilege of doing business in New York.”

He referenced documents demonstrating her continued ownership or management involvement with certain New York businesses and her ownership of Manhattan apartments.

The civil fraud case against the former president was initiated by New York Attorney General Letitia James, a member of the Democratic Party.

James aims to impose a penalty of $250 million (£205 million) and impose strict limitations on Trump’s business ventures.

Trump, who is currently the leading contender for the Republican nomination in the 2024 election, has slammed the case as politically driven and labelled it a “sham.”

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