MotoGP Unveils Bold Plan for 2027: 850cc Engines and Improved Safety

UNITED STATES: In a groundbreaking move, MotoGP is gearing up for a major transformation in 2027 with plans to introduce 850cc engines, marking the fourth engine change in the premier class’s history. The current technical regulations, established in 2022, are set to expire in 2026, prompting a significant overhaul to enhance safety and foster greater competition.

The championship has seen shifts in manufacturer participation, with Suzuki bidding farewell at the end of the previous season. However, the Manufacturers’ Association (MSMA), consisting of Ducati, Honda, Yamaha, Aprilia, and KTM, is diligently working on crafting new regulations. Dorna, the championship promoter, envisions reinstating six different brands to the competition.

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Central to this endeavour is a move to reduce prototype speeds, a critical safety concern on current circuits. The most striking proposal is the reduction of the engine displacement from 1000cc to 850cc, a measure initially met with reservations but now gaining approval from Japanese manufacturers, Ducati, and KTM.

While some, like Aprilia, advocate for less invasive alternatives, the overarching goal is to implement changes in aerodynamics and fuel regulations. The latter stipulates the exclusive use of 100% non-fossil origin fuel. There’s also ongoing discussion regarding rear height devices, with potential restrictions or even bans on the table.

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The safety-oriented revolution aims to minimize turbulence and overheating caused by bikes, enhancing braking systems and preventing issues for riders trailing behind. The proposed changes, subject to further negotiations, will bring MotoGP closer to Moto2 with its 750cc engines. However, the premier class will maintain its distinction through cutting-edge electronics.

The MSMA is set to reconvene after the Valencia season finale to make strides toward a definitive agreement. As the championship navigates this evolution, enthusiasts await the dawn of a new era that not only prioritizes safety but also promises a more diverse and competitive MotoGP landscape.

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