Lionel Messi’s Spectacular Return Propels Argentina to Victory in 2026 World Cup Qualifier

ARGENTINA: Argentina secured a 2-0 victory against Peru in a thrilling 2026 World Cup qualifying match on Tuesday night at Estadio Nacional de Lima in Lima, Peru.

The hero of the night was none other than the football legend, Lionel Messi, who marked his triumphant return with two incredible goals while playing the full 93 minutes.

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Messi’s first goal came in the 32nd minute, ending his goal drought since his unfortunate right leg injury back on September 7. Throughout the match, he showcased his remarkable skills and sharp form, leaving Peruvian defenders on the turf as he weaved through them near the goal line.

Messi’s precision and timing were spot-on, as he expertly anticipated his teammates’ moves before unleashing precise shots into the net.

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The significance of Messi’s performance cannot be overstated, especially for Argentina’s standing in the CONMEBOL rankings.

His exceptional goal in the 32nd minute saw him stealing the ball from Nicolás González and soaring over a Peruvian defender in jubilation with his teammates.

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Messi, the reigning 2022 World Cup champion and seven-time Ballon d’Or winner, maintained his relentless spirit in the second half, relentlessly pursuing a hat trick.

Despite three solid opportunities, including a formidable free-kick attempt in the 88th minute, Messi secured his brace in the 42nd minute, courtesy of an excellent pass from Enzo Fernández.

Even in the second half, Leo Messi continued to dominate, gunning for that elusive third goal. However, his quest was thwarted by the goalkeeper in the 67th minute following a foul call.

Post-match, Messi expressed his deep admiration for the fantastic Argentine national team players and their unique playing style. He noted that they are now a solid, cohesive, united, and confident squad, firmly believing in their potential for further development.

This was a night where Lionel Messi’s brilliance once again shone brightly, and Argentina’s path to the 2026 World Cup seemed even more secure with his remarkable comeback performance.

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Originally posted 2023-10-18 05:38:00.