Instagram to Introduce Customizable ‘AI Friend’ Feature, See Details Inside

UNITED STATES: Instagram, a platform owned by Meta, is reportedly in the works to bring a groundbreaking feature known as the ‘AI Friend.’ This exciting development comes from the world of artificial intelligence and aims to provide users with the opportunity to create and customize their very own virtual companions on the platform.

A glimpse into the ‘AI Friend’ feature

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App researcher Alessandro Paluzzi made waves by sharing intriguing insights about Instagram’s ‘AI Friend’ feature on his broadcast channel. According to Paluzzi, Instagram users will soon have the ability to engage with AI companions, enabling them to answer questions, brainstorm ideas, discuss challenges, and more.

Paluzzi tweeted, “#Instagram is working on the ability to create an #AI friend,” catching the attention of tech enthusiasts and sparking discussions across social media platforms. TechCrunch subsequently shared screenshots that shed light on the feature’s functionalities.

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Customization and personalization at its core

The key highlight of this forthcoming feature is its emphasis on customization. Instagram users will be able to tailor their AI companions to their preferences. Users can choose the AI chatbot’s gender and age and, even more intriguingly, define their AI friend’s identity and personality.

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Your AI companion can be reserved, enthusiastic, creative, witty, pragmatic, or empowering, reflecting the user’s desires. Beyond personality traits, users can also select specific interests that their AI friend will incorporate into conversations. Whether it’s discussions about careers, DIY projects, education, entertainment, animals, nature, music, or more, the AI friend can adapt to your interests.

Once the user has meticulously selected the AI companion’s age, gender, personality, and interests, they will have the opportunity to choose an avatar and a name, adding a personal touch to their virtual friend. After configuring all these settings, the AI companion seamlessly integrates into the chatbox, ready to interact at the click of a button.

When can we expect the ‘AI Friend’ feature?

As of the time of writing, it remains uncertain whether the AI friend feature is available to the public or if it’s still in the development stage. It’s essential to keep in mind that features like these can evolve during development. Instagram users and enthusiasts should stay tuned for official announcements and updates.

Additional collaborative feature on the horizon

In addition to the ‘AI Friend’ feature, Instagram is also testing a collaborative function that enables friends to contribute photos to your posts. Adam Mosseri, the head of Instagram, shared this anticipated development on his broadcast channel. This new feature allows users to invite friends to join in on their feed posts by submitting photos and videos, which can be approved and added to the post before publishing.

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