Gala Gil Amat: Navigating Entrepreneurship from Translation to Tech

SPAIN: Gala Gil Amat’s journey is a testament to the twists and turns that characterize the entrepreneurial path. From aspiring translator to a tech entrepreneur, Gala has embraced challenges and opportunities with resilience and determination. Gala garnered noteworthy attention in Spain after her image graced a prominent billboard in Time Square for a brief but impactful hour. This recognition was bestowed upon her as part of the Nasdaq accelerator’s tradition of honoring the top ten entrepreneurs who successfully complete its Milestone Maker program.

Gil Amat’s journey to this recognition began with her entry into the accelerator with the project Yellowfinch. Founded at the young age of 21, the startup took shape during her academic stint at Stanford in California, where the seeds of her innovative business idea sprouted.

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Her foray into the limelight began with a niche video blog, “transgalator de ella,” where she conducted video call interviews with renowned translators and interpreters of celebrities like the Pope, Obama, and Cristiano Ronaldo. With an initial focus on becoming a translator for European Union organizations, Gala’s unique videoblog gained traction, attracting over 50,000 followers from around the world.

Gala’s entrepreneurial spirit blossomed as she discovered the potential of digital marketing. Working hard to build her personal brand through various social media profiles, she leveraged her expertise in translation and interpretation to land her first job promoting a linguistic application. Starting with 150,000 users, Gala left the position with an impressive 10 million users.

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Her academic journey took her to Poland during the third year of her translation and interpretation degree, where she received a job offer from a British businessman. This role involved marketing and organizing entrepreneurial events in different European cities, sparking Gala’s interest in technology and entrepreneurship.

The pursuit of knowledge led Gala to Silicon Valley, the mecca of entrepreneurship, where she studied Innovation and Technology. Subsequently, she relocated to London, what she considers the most active innovation hub in Europe. Here, Gala received an opportunity from her friend and former colleague, Mario Navarro, co-founder of the Demium accelerator.

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In 2020, Gala joined Triple, a startup founded by Mario Navarro and Ibai Iturricha. Serving as a shareholder and Head of Partnerships, Gala plays a pivotal role in Triple’s mission to revolutionize loyalty and rewards programs. The startup’s unique technology, accessed through an API, connects businesses, both offline and e-commerce, with financial entities, offering rewards to user clients, including cashback programs.

Despite its short history, Triple boasts a team of 20 people and collaborations with around a hundred brands across various sectors. Gala, now 27, leads the company’s sales and associations, showcasing her skill in opening new contacts for sales. While based in London, the primary market for Triple is Spain, followed by Germany, owing to the high penetration of mobile telephony.

Reflecting on her journey, Gala acknowledges her shift from the dream of becoming a translator to her current focus on supporting Mario Navarro’s vision for Triple. Her determination and adaptability serve as an inspiring narrative for aspiring entrepreneurs navigating the dynamic landscape of technology and business.

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