Fittipaldi Brothers Make Racing History, Sharing Track in Indy Cars at Sebring

UNITED STATES: Pietro and Enzo Fittipaldi, grandsons of legendary Formula One champion Emerson Fittipaldi, took to the track together for the first time, piloting Indy cars around the 1.7-mile short course at Sebring International Raceway. Pietro, 27, set to drive Rahal Letterman Lanigan Racing’s #30 Honda for the 2024 IndyCar Series season, completed an impressive 115 laps. 

Despite not having driven an Indy car since the 2021 Indianapolis 500, he smoothly adjusted to the powerful machine, describing it as a true driving challenge. “The steering is very heavy, and that’s something that always shocks you initially, but then you get used to it,” Pietro shared. “The cars are just a beast to drive.”

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Enzo, 22, representing Dale Coyne Racing, marked his first-ever outing in an Indy car with over 100 laps. Currently having a strong season in Formula 2, he expressed his satisfaction with the transition to the Indy car, praising the immediate speed and power.

The brothers, known for their distinct driving styles, were compared by team owner Dale Coyne. Enzo admitted, “He said I’m a bit more aggressive and wilder compared to my brother. My brother’s a bit smoother; those were Dale’s words.”

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The day was filled with on-track camaraderie, with Pietro sharing, “It was cool driving at the track and passing my brother as he’s on a cooldown lap and giving him a wave.” Despite the light-hearted competition, both brothers cherished the experience.

While a one-on-one race wasn’t possible due to team plans, Pietro couldn’t help but imagine the prospect. He mused at the different styles of driving between himself and his brother. He said that the way Enzo gets lap time out of the car is very different from the way he gets lap time out of the car.

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The competitive spirit shone through as Enzo revealed, “We were super close. We’re very competitive with each other.” In the end, this unexpected and unforgettable day on the track will forever be etched in the memories of the Fittipaldi brothers, a testament to their shared love for racing and the unique bond they share.

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