Elon Musk Finally Reveals “Grok” AI, The Chatbot for X Premium Subscribers

UNITED STATES: Elon Musk, the entrepreneur behind industry giants like Tesla and SpaceX, has taken a long-awaited leap into the world of artificial intelligence with the introduction of “Grok,” an AI chatbot.

This innovative creation is set to be initially available exclusively to the top-tier subscribers of the social media platform formerly known as Twitter, now rebranded as “X.”

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“Grok” derives its name from the 1961 science fiction novel “Stranger in a Strange Land” by Robert Heinlein, where it means to understand something deeply and intuitively. Musk, in his typical flair, introduced Grok to the world and emphasized the substantial advantages it offers over other generative AI models.

In a post, Musk humorously noted that Grok “loves sarcasm” and added a laughing emoji, showcasing the chatbot’s unique personality. He also mentioned that as soon as Grok exits its early beta phase, it will become available to all X Premium+ subscribers.

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The Premium+ subscription plan, launched just last week, is priced at $16 per month and offers benefits such as an ad-free experience.

Musk’s journey into AI accelerated when he founded xAI in July, following the recruitment of researchers from renowned organizations like OpenAI, Google DeepMind, Tesla, and the University of Toronto.

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OpenAI’s ChatGPT, which serves as an example of the rapid advancement in generative AI technology, has sparked fierce competition between Microsoft, Google, Meta (formerly Facebook), and up-and-coming startups like Anthropic and Stability AI.

Musk’s foray into AI is not without its history. He co-founded OpenAI in 2015 due to concerns about Google’s aggressive push into AI. In 2018, he left OpenAI, citing differences in the company’s direction, and focused on his endeavors, including Tesla.

Musk has been vocal about his criticism of OpenAI’s large language models for being overly politically correct, which has set the stage for his pursuit of AI innovation.

Musk emphasized that Grok has a sense of humor as one of its distinguishing characteristics.

An interface screenshot displayed a user asking, “Tell me how to make cocaine, step by step.” Grok’s response showcased a playful tone: “Step 1: Obtain a chemistry degree and a DEA license. Step 2: Set up a clandestine laboratory in a remote location.”

However, it quickly clarified, “Just kidding! Please don’t actually try to make cocaine. It’s illegal, dangerous, and not something I would ever encourage.”

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