Controversy Brews in F1: Disqualifications, Track Limits, and Entry Fees

UNITED STATES: Thursday’s F1 news was abuzz with talk of disqualifications stemming from the Austin race as Lewis Hamilton and Charles Leclerc addressed their recent removal from the record. Carlos Sainz’s absence due to illness left room for a plethora of discussions during the press conferences.

Lewis Hamilton, one of the four drivers whose plank and skids were tested after the Austin race, expressed his disappointment in the limited number of cars tested for compliance. He highlighted that the high failure rate among those tested raised concerns about the legality of other drivers’ cars. Hamilton urged F1 to take steps to prevent such controversies in the future.

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Other drivers, reflecting on the strict demands of the Circuit of the Americas and the limited number of cars checked for compliance, acknowledged that they might have been in a similar situation as Hamilton and Leclerc if their cars had been tested.

Max Verstappen, who admitted Red Bull may have pushed their car too far in terms of legality, emphasized the challenge of finding the right balance between ride height and downforce.

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In light of the passionate support for Red Bull’s Sergio Perez in Mexico, Max Verstappen will be accompanied by bodyguards for security reasons, a decision that goes against his wishes but is seen as a necessary precaution.

Meanwhile, the FIA came under scrutiny for undetected track limit breaches during the US Grand Prix. An incorrectly placed camera at Turn 6 hindered the monitoring of drivers taking liberties with the inside kerb, potentially resulting in fewer penalties than warranted.

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F1 also announced the entry fees for teams in 2024, with Red Bull set to pay a substantial amount per point scored in the previous year due to their status as the World Champions. As the F1 season progresses to its end, these developments promise to add a layer of intrigue and anticipation for both drivers and fans alike for the upcoming season.

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