Biden Pushes for Consistent Aid to Gaza in Phone Conversation with Netanyahu

UNITED STATES: US President Joe Biden emphasised the importance of maintaining a “continuous flow” of humanitarian aid into Gaza during a phone conversation with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. He welcomed the release of two additional hostages from Gaza and reaffirmed his commitment to securing the release of all remaining hostages taken by Hamas.

Aside from that, he gave the prime minister an update on “US support for Israel and ongoing efforts at regional deterrence, to include new US military deployments,” as described by the White House.

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The Pentagon is shipping advanced air defence systems to the Middle East ahead of an expected ground invasion into Gaza. Military advisors, including Marine Corps Lt. Gen. James Glynn, have been dispatched to assist Israel in war planning. Glynn, who has experience in urban warfare, has previously led special operations forces against the Islamic State and served in Fallujah, Iraq, during intense urban combat.

Israel is preparing for a massive ground operation against Hamas militants in northern Gaza. The National Security Council spokesperson John Kirby stated that Glynn and other advisors have relevant experience in Israel’s operations. However, an unidentified US official stated that the advisors would not participate in the combat.

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In an effort to keep the already fierce battle between Israel and Hamas from escalating into a larger confrontation, the Pentagon is assembling a number of quick-moving components, including the military team. It is also attempting to defend US personnel, who have been the target of numerous strikes in the past few days, which the Pentagon has stated were probably coordinated by Iran.

Kirby stated that Iran was actively aiding these attacks in some circumstances and encouraging others who may seek to use the crisis for their own or Iran’s benefit.

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“We know that Iran’s goal is to maintain some level of deniability here. But we’re not going to allow them to do that,” Kirby added.

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Originally posted 2023-10-24 17:30:38.