Azmat Ali Mir Unveils ‘Sarposh’ – Bringing Kashmiri Wazwan to South India

INDIA: In a heartfelt endeavor to bridge the culinary gap between the picturesque landscapes of Kashmir and the bustling streets of South India, Azmat Ali Mir, a native of Srinagar, has embarked on a culinary odyssey with the launch of “Sarposh” in Bengaluru. This eatery is a dedicated venture that seeks to bring the authentic flavors of Kashmiri Wazwan to the southern part of the country.

Growing up in Srinagar amidst the breathtaking Himalayan landscapes, Azmat Ali Mir nurtured a deep appreciation for her homeland’s enchanting beauty and cultural richness. Despite her childhood fantasy of becoming a travel journalist or owning a caravan food truck, she pursued a career in computer science engineering, eventually moving to Bengaluru in 2018.

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Azmat’s homesickness and longing for the authentic flavors of Kashmiri cuisine prompted her to embark on a journey to recreate the taste of her homeland in Bengaluru. Dissatisfied with the offerings of local restaurants claiming to serve traditional Kashmiri food, Azmat decided to take matters into her own hands.

She launched Sarposh, a culinary haven that stays true to the intricate preparation styles of Wazwan, a multi-course Kashmiri meal. The eatery features dishes such as tabak maaz, methi maaz, seekh kabab, rogan josh, gushtabae yakhein, ristae, marchewangan kormeh, kong kahwae, and more.

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Azmat emphasizes the complexity of Kashmiri cuisine, particularly Wazwan, which requires meticulous preparation techniques. Sarposh employs 15 experienced Wazas from Kashmir to ensure the authenticity of the dishes. Azmat sources spices directly from Kashmir, including cumin from Gurez, Kashmiri red chilies from Pulwama, saffron from Pampore, apricots from Ladakh, and walnuts from her team members’ homes.

To recreate the ambiance of a Kashmiri home, Sarposh occupies a 3,500 square feet area with cozy spaces, carpeted floor seating, and a lounge area designed to evoke the feeling of entering a Kashmiri living room. Traditional craft items like walnut wood, papier mache, pashmina, and pottery adorn the eatery’s decor.

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Despite facing challenges, including the Article 370 revocation and the COVID-19 pandemic, Azmat’s determination and passion prevailed. Sarposh has become a popular destination, with a 70-seater capacity consistently packed with food enthusiasts.

Azmat’s entrepreneurial journey reflects resilience and dedication, turning her childhood dream into a reality. She expresses gratitude for the opportunity to pursue her passion, stating, “I am so grateful that finally, I am doing something I am genuinely passionate about.”

As Sarposh continues to thrive, it serves as a testament to Azmat’s commitment to preserving and sharing the authentic flavors of Kashmiri cuisine in the heart of Bengaluru.

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